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The Chow Chow Club of NSW welcomes new members
who share a common passion and love for the breed.

By joining the club you will become part of a helpful and resourceful group with like minded people.

You will have access to information about what is
happening within the breed in the state of NSW. 
You will also have access to knowledgeable
Breeders who can help
with tips and advice relating to the Breed.
The Club also participates in Events during the year
where we are actively involved in promoting
the Chow Chows.

Fun days for Members and their family and Breed
Speciality Shows are also held during the year and we encourage you to come along and enjoy a
great day out with your Chows!

1. Please read the Club Constitution

2. Download the Membership form below
3. Fill out the Membership Form
4. Make payment of Membership Fee
5. Email a scanned copy or photo of the form 
to the Secretary of the Chow Chow Club of NSW

Should you have any questions please contact the Secretary Emilee Lay on the link provided below

(If you are a Registered ANKC Breeder with a current financial Prefix and wish to have a listing in our Breeders Directory an additional form will be available soon)

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