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When you first see the Chow Chow and the coat  that they carry, most people think that it requires a lot of time and hard work to keep up. 

But surprisingly enough it is relatively simple as long as you

groom the coat regularly.

We have included some helpful information and tips below to help you take care of your Chow Chows beautiful coat and keep it in the best possible condition.


Slicker brush (Soft)

Large wide-toothed steel comb.

Small fine-toothed comb with a handle.

Strong wide toothed rake for coat drops 

     Pin brush.

      Dog Blower/Dryer

     Dog Toe Nail Clippers

        Ear Wipes & Eye Wipes     

nail clippers

Step One: Removing Loose Dirt and Fur

First thing we need to do is to thoroughly clean our dog.

To do this we need to take the slicker brush and brush it through the coat from the back to the front and bottom to top. 

This will help loosen any dirt that may be in the coat as well as remove 

any loose fur that has been shed between grooming. 

Step Two: Bathing Your Pet

Once you have finished brushing your Chow Chow out you will need to get the water warm then place your dog into the tub and thoroughly wet the coat. Once the coat is wet throughout you can than begin by adding the 

shampoo and massaging it deep into the fur.

 ( Be sure to get it down to the skin as their coats are rather thick

 and the skin can get irritated if not cleaned properly )

Be sure to rinse the coat completely throughout as 

any shampoo left in the coat can cause hot spots.

Once you have finished bathing your dog you should immediately dry both layers of fur, as any remaining dampness in the undercoat can led to the fur being packed down towards the skin which will then

 retain dirt and moisture and cause some serious skin problems. 

In order to dry the coat we recommend using a high pressure Dog Blower

(Available for purchase on Ebay). 

While drying your dog with the Blower you should use your (clean) slicker brush at the same time. This will help with getting down to the undercoat.

Step Three: Combing Out Your Chow Chow

After you have completed drying your dog, take the medium/coarse steel comb and comb the fur from the skin outwards.

 Again you will want to start from the bottom up and back to front. 

By doing this you are removing any dead loose fur that is

remaining in the coat.

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