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Deciding to bring a Chow Chow puppy into your home is one of the biggest decisions you and your family will make and should always involve a lot of research, conversations and careful consideration before rushing out too fast only to find out that your new family addition is not a suitable companion..


The Chow Chow is a very unique breed and we suggest that you do a lot of homework to really understand the temperament and nature of this magnificent Breed. Talk to as many Dogs NSW Registered Breeders as possible and try to spend time with their Chow Chows. There are usually Dog Shows most weekends within the state where you can drop out and talk with Breeders.. 

Dogs NSW is the Official Canine Body in NSW associated with the

Australian Nation kennel Association and the main registry for keeping of

Pedigree Dog Records and the ONLY Pedigree Papers recognized worldwide!

When purchasing your new puppy it will come with either Full Registration Pedigree Papers which are for show and breeding worldwide, or Limited Registration pedigree papers which are not for show or breeding. DO NOT accept registration papers from another Association.


Breeders who are Members of Dogs NSW are strictly bound by a Code of Ethics and will provide you with the knowledge and support you need should you wish to start Showing or are simply looking for a loving family companion.


Avoid purchasing puppies from Gum Tree or sites online as there are many

scammers who may take advantage of you, often asking lower prices for a puppy, requesting up front payment only to break your heart with no

puppy ever existing or being sent to you!!

* ANKC Registration Certificate (papers) see samples below

* A vaccination certificate showing vaccinations given and when           the next is due

* A record of when your puppy was treated for worms and when           the next treatment is due

* Microchip paperwork and Microchip number

* Puppy Pack including dietary needs for your puppy, grooming           information, History of the breed and any other useful information








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